FAQ about Booking and Playing "Banango Traders"

Getting Started

Here is a useful INSTRUCTION AND NAVIGATION GUIDE that will help you if you get stuck at any point during the programme.

Other frequently asked questions and answers pertaining to aspects of the “Banango Traders®” game:

1: In the game, which factor is more significant, price or marketing?

While price is generally the dominant factor. It all depends on what the competition is doing: if all the prices are more or less the same, marketing becomes relatively more important. If everyone spends the same amount on marketing, price differences between traders become more significant.

2: Does left-over stock go to waste?

In the Starter Level game, no stock is wasted, not even the stock left over at the end of the week. In the Optional Learner Level game, stock left over at the end of the five-day season goes to waste. In the Tutor Level game, stock that is not sold at the end of the season also goes to waste. And in the Advanced and Expert Levels of the game, any stock that is not refrigerated at the end of each week goes to waste as well as any stock left over at the end of the season.

3: Is there a solution to the game?

At the Starter Level you are just playing against a computer and there may be one or two strategies that are definitely better than others. But at the other levels there are many variables including random values, so there is no one solution to winning the game. Trading banangoes is like playing a hand of bridge. Each game is different because the demand can vary and each trader may have a different strategy. Successful banango traders are the ones who can analyse the market trends correctly and anticipate accurately what everyone else on the beach will do.

4: What other variables will impact on the game other than what we already know?

No other factors are introduced during the game that you have not been told about at the beginning. There are no hurricanes, transport strikes, supply problems or interest rate hikes. The only unknown factors are the trading decisions of your competitors.

5: What is involved in tutoring a game?

As a tutor, you assist participants with their general understanding of the programme and any questions relating to the learning material. Once they have completed their games, you input the results into the database which automatically recalculates the Hall of Fame rankings.

6: If I miss a decision deadline, what happens?

Deadlines are only applicable at the Advanced and Expert levels.

Your previous round’s decisions are repeated. If you miss the first deadline, you are given the market averages for pricing and marketing and your purchases are set at 15% of the demand for that round.