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Quick Overview of Key Features
of the Programme

1.  The Five Levels (you can choose where to start and stop)
  • Starter Level       : "Business is Business"  - 1 to 2 hours in your own time
  • Learner Level      : "Making a Profit"             - 2 to 4 hours in your own time
  • Tutor Level          : "Profit and Cash Flow"    - 3 to 6 hours in your own time
  • Advanced Level  : "Managing Growth"        - 9 to 12 hours over five weeks
  • Expert Level        : "Return on Investment" - 15 to 20 hours over six weeks

(How to Register)

2.  Certification, Accreditation and Verification

You will receive certificates of achievement for each level to enhance your CV. All results and certificates will be recorded in the Johannesburg School of Finance (JSF) database and JSF will verify qualifications on request.
Completion to Tutor Level will earn you a Certificate in Business Acumen from Johannesburg School of Finance.

Completion to Expert Level will earn you a Certificate in Business Management from Johannesburg School of Finance.

The programme is offered exclusively through Johannesburg School of Finance, a private sector training company based in Johannesburg and accredited through FASSET, the South African Sector and Education Training Authority for Finance, Accounting, Management Consulting and Other Financial Services (accreditation number 585/00187/05).

See for more information on the company. 

3.  The
“Banango Traders®”
Business Simulation

A 'banango' is an imaginary fruit that looks like a banana and tastes like a mango.

In this computer-based game, you will buy and sell banangoes to compete against the computer while growing your imaginary business and trying to get into the Hall of Fame. Along the way you will learn a great deal about business strategy and financial management.

The "Banango Traders" simulation game has been used with great success in corporate and school training programmes for the past 25 years. To date over 250 000 people have experienced the challenge of the game. 

NB: please note that this is not an online trading platform for making actual or virtual money. This is a simulation game which is part of a comprehensive interactive training programme, the main purpose of which is to strengthen your business acumen and financial skills.

4.  See How the Simulation Game Works

For a quick introduction to the Starter Level of  "Banango Traders", watch this 4-minute video 


play a trial game on a desktop, laptop, ipad, tablet or phone.

NB: due to the comprehensive content and interactive nature of this programme, it will be best if possible to work on a device with a screen big enough to give you the full benefit of the experience. If you are using a phone, remember to work in landscape mode for many of the exercises and readings.

To see how "Banango Traders" is used with great success in Southern African schools, go to

5.  Cost (incl VAT)

  • Starter Level
    • Free to do the course
    • Free to get a certificate
  • Learner Level
    • Free to do the course
    • ZAR 49.00 to get a certificate
  • Tutor Level
    • Free to do the course
    • ZAR 99.00 to get a certificate
  • Advanced Level
    • ZAR 499.00
    • Certificate included
  • Expert Level
    • ZAR 999.00
    • Certificate included
  • Once-off registration for the full programme: ZAR 1499.00
  • There is no time limit for completing the programme; you may stop and continue your studies whenever it suits you.

6.  How Does the Programme Work, in Summary?  

  • Register yourself online in less than 3 minutes
  • Log in to your personal dashboard immediately for instructions and learning material
  • Watch short explanatory videos
  • Read well-designed concise chapters on key topics
  • Test your understanding and earn certificates with online quizzes
  • Put your knowledge and skills into practice immediately in a realistic business simulation game designed specifically for teaching business acumen and entrepreneurship
  • Work online in your own time and at your own pace wherever you are
  • Receive feedback via correspondence with your tutor
  • Interact with other delegates from around the world
  • Learn and have fun at the same time!

7.  Earning Income

Once you have completed the Tutor Level, you could become a programme tutor and earn a tutoring fee.

So not only will you learn a huge amount about these essential life skills but you will have the chance to become a real entrepreneur – a “banangapreneur” - very quickly, irrespective of your age, location, knowledge level or business experience. All you need is some enthusiasm to learn and earn at the same time. But there will be no requirement to do so and we will not pressurize you to do so at all. It will be entirely up to you.

8.  About the Creator of This Programme

Peter van Ryneveld, director of Johannesburg School of Finance, has Masters degrees in Economics and Law and was a CFA® charterholder from 2002 to 2022.

He spent the early part of his career in equity research and asset management before setting up his own consultancy practice in 1990. He is the founder member of Johannesburg School of Finance and, in addition to managing the company through all the ups and downs of small-business life, has for the past 25 years been designing and presenting courses on a wide variety of finance and finance-related topics to an even wider international audience of young and older people from all backgrounds.

The School's clients include multinational financial institutions and corporations, national and private pension funds, small businesses, corporate executives, schools and universities.

He is co-author of "The Essentials of Retirement Fund Management in South Africa 1993-1994" and has been a presenter on the TV programme "Your Own Business".

Building financial skills and confidence to give people more chances of success in their careers and their lives is his work-related passion.

  "To be a successful entrepreneur, you need to be able to distinguish between interesting opportunities and interesting business opportunities.

Many people get great ideas that could change the world. But turning those into good business ideas takes more than just hard work and enthusiasm. Sound financial knowledge and good business acumen are essential ingredients for the sustainability of any business.

This programme is all about discovering and applying these important concepts."


Good luck and have fun!