"Banango Traders®" is a registered trademark managed under licence by Johannesburg School of Finance (Pty) Ltd (JSF). The following rules and undertakings apply to participants in and users of the "Banango Traders" and ABSOLUTE BUSINESS "CENTS" programme:

1: Confidentiality, Fees and Certificates
  • The administrators will not distribute a person's registration details to any other party.

  • Payments may be made either by credit card through the secure payment gateway on the website, or by EFT, or through a voucher by prior arrangement. Any fraudulent use of a payment mechanism will disqualify you from the ABSOLUTE BUSINESS "CENTS" programme.

  • Payment is only required for certification at the Learner and Tutor levels. Payment for the Advanced and Expert levels is required at the time of booking. A once-off discounted payment of ZAR 1499 may be made for the whole programme.
  • Certificates of Achievement are awarded at each level. In addition, on completion of games and quizzes up to the Tutor Level you will receive a Certificate in Business Acumen. On completion of all five levels, you will receive a Certificate in Business Acumen and Entrepreneurship from Johannesburg School of Finance. Certificate records will be maintained at the School for verification. Any manipulation of certificates or misrepresention of achievements will, if discovered, be vigorously pursued.
2: Game Operations, Decisions and Results
  • The workings of the "Banango Traders" simulation model are protected and cannot be altered by a game tutor or another participant. 

  • If an input error is made by a game tutor, the game tutor must correct it provided that it is communicated to the game tutor before any deadline for the next round of decisions. Participants must check their results as they receive them.

  • If decisions do not reach the tutor by the stated deadline (only relevant for the Advanced and Expert Levels), the decisions from the previous round will be re-entered. If a person misses the first round deadline, the market averages will be used.
3: Awards
  • Hall of Fame prizes will be based on results for games concluded in each calendar year from 1 January to 31 December.

  • You may only win the award once at each level.
  • Employees of and contractors to Johannesburg School of Finance, including tutors of this programme, may not claim an award. The award will be given to the next best result.
4: Usage and Licence Fees
  • Anyone is welcome to use the ABSOLUTE BUSINESS "CENTS" material for their own initiatives or project provided that a) you acknowledge Johannesburg School of Finance as the source and b) you let us know in advance that you are planning to use it. If this is not done and you are found to be plagiarising our copyright material for financial gain, we will exercise our rights appropriately.

  • Whether you are a for-profit or a not-for-profit organisation, no licence fees will be asked for; but if you feel that you are in a position to be able to offer a usage fee, it will be warmly appreciated.